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        I am humbled and blown away by what my clients say.                                                                      Their results with EFT keep me motivated and loving my work.

"I've known Jessie for about a year to this point. I lucked out by simply finding her on the Internet. I can say with the utmost sincerity that she is one of the most compassionate and understanding persons I've ever met in my lifetime. She listens, does her best to make sure she understands what I'm telling her, sheds light on whatever the subject is, and most importantly, reassures me that my thoughts and feelings are normal and that I'm normal. Whatever concerns and even fears that I may have, she continually reassures me that they're normal and temporary; that I will eventually be back to a place of joy and peace in due time - that as humans we are meant to live life in joy and peace and whatever I'm feeling at the moment is OKAY. I'm also not to blame myself. Just accept that this is where I am at the moment. She has emphasized that accepting it doesn't mean I like it. It simply means just to accept it. Jessie TRULY cares about me. She doesn't just compartmentalize me to my sessions with her. She voluntarily emails me and responds to my emails. She's just the best. I would recommend anyone to see her as she is truly meant to be here on this earth as a healer for others. (Oh, and she has an incredible little dog who one can easily understand why he would be man's best friend.)"   ~  Scott,   Phila.

apping is a good release....I used it over the weekend and today, and feel a definite change in my level of emotions/stress...thank you for sharing it with me....it is so immediate, and I can see where it is a healthier option, as instead of grabbing a quick snack to "satisfy" an emotional need, tapping is better and truly more calming and definitely guilt free......You have a very special gift for making others comfortable, and helping them open up.  Your voice in itself is comforting and understanding, non-judgmental in tone".
~Liz,  King of Prussia, PA. 

Thank you so much for your follow-up. I have had some interesting results these past few days--feeling sooo good! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. After our session I napped on the couch for a half an hour and when i woke up I felt taller!  lol  I felt like a sexy, confident, kick-ass woman...which must be what I am! :) I also feel like I have more love to give... was feeling shut down before.  I'm excited to see how things continue in the days to come. Will be following your advice.
Sincerest thanks to you   ~  Ingrid  (Phone Client)

Jessie is a powerful yet gentle EFT counselor. She took the time to understand my grief and develop statements to help me heal. I was surprised and amazed by the energy that I felt in my body after the first EFT treatment. Jessie led me through the session and the results were both energizing and healing. Jessie is a very caring and thoughtful person who truly wants to help others through holistic therapies."  
~ Suzanne M.  , PA.  

"Jessie is a nurturing and gentle person who really listens when you speak and comes back, not only with suggestions but with soothing words that let you know she understands your pain and/or problem." ~Kathy D.  New York 

"Thanks again for the EFT session … it was helpful and a fun new learning opportunity!  You were a very good practitioner … you have developed a well thought out process and you explained what was happening very well!! "
~Sue W.    Glenside, PA

      Feedback from students who completed my "Intro to EFT"  workshops:

"Jessie's energy and consideration were wonderful. I loved the class and left feeling really relaxed and better about myself"

"I enjoyed the class very much - it was helpful and empowering"

"Jessie is very compassionate and a great teacher!"

"Loved the instructor - very insightful and helpful"

"I appreciated the detailed instructions and guidance - I can't wait to try tapping on my own for some of my issues". 

                                   And from one of my teachers:

It has been a joy to work with you, Jessie! I will miss reading your work. You did first rate work throughout this course. I would have no concerns coming to see you for a consultation. So I sincerely hope you will have many opportunities to make good use of your new knowledge and skills, because the world has great need of skilled healers like you, Jessie.
J.K.  New York 

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