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My Healing Journey

                     My Healing Journey
At my lowest point, gripped with fear and despair I'd spend hours searching the web for information on foot pain and healing, frantically looking for answers and cures. I was inspired by some of the stories I read where people overcame their struggles and pain.  It always gave me a glimmer of hope and comfort to know that I was not alone in my pain and fear and it helped me to hear other people's success stories.  With that same hope in mind, I'm sharing a glimpse of my own healing journey.   

Years of working as a Computer Systems Analyst wreaked havoc with my body.  When I hit 40, the stress of long hours spent hunched over, peering at a computer screen, took a big toll on my back which worked its way down and seriously affected my right foot, pinching nerves 
and compressing ligaments and tendons.

The breakdown was so extreme that any walking or standing was painful.  No one could understand how this could happen so suddenly.  I didn't realize that this problem had been brewing for years and didn't "just happen".  

I suddenly lost my independence.  I could no longer drive since it was my right foot, or do my own grocery shopping, travel, or do any of the active and physical things that I had always loved, like golfing, skiing, and dancing. I had never imagined needing a cane while only in my 40’s.

Over the next several years, I went to many kind and talented foot and orthopedic doctors but none of them looked beyond my foot.  No one looked at my whole body, my emotions, or my lifestyle.  They simply addressed my foot and tried all sorts of orthodics, cortisone shots, pain medications, walking casts, etc.  My foot only seemed to get worse. 

Eventually a friend convinced me to try her holistic chiropractor, who explained that the root cause was in my back – from my abnormally curved spine; a
nd the extreme impact that my lifestyle had on my foot.   

I finally had the guidance and treatment I needed and the next few years were spent in a very slow but steady healing.  The world of holistic healing opened up to me - I practiced EFT and guided meditation for pain management, embraced lifestyle and dietary changes, and learned techniques for improving my overall health.  Instead of spending my nights lying awake gripped with the fear that I'd never walk again, I slowly developed a sense of acceptance, peace and hope. 

Life is full of challenges like this, but whatever it is that arrives as a stumbling block in our lives is also a gift – a chance to help us learn about compassion and to give us experience.  No matter how negative a situation might seem, there is often a positive aspect of it to consider.  

Having endured the physical and resulting emotional pain from being disabled, I now know to heed warning signs and to correct imbalances as they occur - before they start to make me feel unwell again.  The holistically oriented tools I’ve acquired, most especially EFT, all help me to do this. I am awestruck at the amazing healing abilities that we have if we only draw on them - inside of ourselves and in nature; such as the vast array of healing plants that surround us.

I've since left the world of computers and went back to school for my Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health. After graduating, I continued my education in EFT and I am now a Certified EFT practitioner. To further help my own healing and my clients, I continued studying Nutrition, Aromatherapy (essential oils), Flower essences, Reiki and many other Holistic modalities. 

I’ve now regained so much of my physical health, and I've grown both personally and spiritually.  I've rekindled my relationship with God - who I had conveniently ignored for years.  Paying attention to God and my spiritual side helped me with my fears and filled my heart with gratitude for all who helped me in so many ways on this journey. 

I'm enthusiastic about EFT and holistic healing methods. I feel stronger and happier now in my early 60’s than I did in my early 40’s.
 On occasion, I still get derailed by new physical issues, relationship issues, grief, caregiving stress....the list goes on. But overall, I feel better able to  deal with the difficult times in life. And all of this experience along with my training and schooling continues to increase my compassion for my clients and their struggles. 

I sincerely hope that I can share some of what I’ve learned to help others in their healing journey.  Life can be very rich even in the midst of difficulties and suffering. 

"No medicine is more valuable, none more efficacious, none better suited to the cure of all our temporal ills than a friend to whom we may turn to for consolation in time of trouble, and with whom we may share our happiness in time of joy"
~Saint Aired of Rievaulx

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